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Grand Casino is an institution that differs from other similar institutions not only by its loud name, but also by its design, which clearly stands out from other casino sites. However, this casino has been online for more than five years, and during this time the network has accumulated a lot of feedback from players who played here for real money. And since the reviews are both positive and negative, then we decided to figure out for ourselves how profitable to play in this place.

This review of Grand Casino conducted by us personally, without any support from the casino itself or third parties. In our review, we try to tell the most honestly about all the advantages and disadvantages of casinos, without hiding anything from our readers. However, if you think you can add anything to this review, write your feedback through the comments at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to publish it.


The official website of Grand Casino


As already mentioned, the design of this casino website is different from the competition, and these differences are visible from the first second. Once on their site, it seems that you are in a real casino, surrounded by slot machines and tables with card games. The player can switch between games either through the animation or via the menu at the bottom of the screen.


Immediately on the main page you will find information about the integrity of the game. The institution cooperates with independent organizations that monitor the integrity of the game and the percentage of return machines. In this case, and the players themselves can check how honestly conducted raffles. To do this, it has its own integrity control system, which works as follows. You can download to your computer publication file, which randomly placed all the handouts and all the results of the spins machines for the next hour. After that, you can play any slots or any board games. And an hour later you will receive a password that will open this publication file. After that, you can make sure that all the results of spins were completely random, and no one has faked them for you in advance.


Every month statistics on the games and new players are posted here. These statistics show how many games were played for real money in this institution, what the total winnings for all these games, what the average percentage of slots in the last month and what the maximum winnings players received in the past 30 days. In this case, the statistics indicate not only the size of the winnings received, but also the rate at which the winnings were received.

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